Monday, April 25, 2011

Day of the Pants

     I dont't air my dirty laundry on Facebook....Even some of Reagan's antics can never be told. This story is one of the "must never be told files"....except a friend urged me to blog it. So, throwing my dignity to the wind Here is what happened...On Easter Sunday front of God and everybody...
     I made sure everything was ready, Reagan's suit was ironed crispy , his shoes would fit nicely. Angela's new things were waiting, and her hair for once was almost laying nicely. While I was fixing my face, I told Jonathan, who was all ready dressed sharp and doing nothing, to help Reagan with his suit and tie.
     Time was getting away, Reagan ran in to show me himself and I quickly snapped a photo with my phone and ordered them to the car. We got to the church and I set to work checking rooms, and changing the cross cloth, making coffee. I was busy-- Reagan was running around. I remember having a thought about his pants being too big.
     People begin to arrive and as usual many played and talked with Reagan, he is everyone's friend. The service began, we sang, it was good...A wonderful lady sang, it was good. Pastor began his was very good...I was engrossed as Reagan wallowed all over me. "Wow, Pastor's message is so good today, " I thought as Reagan laid over my lap ...I glanced down to see the fly of his pants staring up at me from his backside.....


I looked at Jonathan, he was engrossed..

at this point in time Angela got up and went to the bathroom, I usually go with her-- but with Reagan across my lap with his pants on backwards-- I just sat there. "Should I take him to the bathroom and fix him?" I thought, "no, he would begin to yell, thinking he was in trouble...should I leave him and go to angela and makes sure her shirt doesnt get tucked into her undies?" "no leaving him alone on easter with Pastor calling all to a closer walk is not a good idea." 
     Soon Angela is coming back, I turn to see her pants...BACKWARDS...and INSIDE OUT....and yes her shirt tucked into them.--
My only reason for living is CHRIST AROSE


Patty said...

I hope someone accompanied Angela, but sometimes, as a parent you cannot help it. As if you are wishing to have 2 bodies that can take care of Reagan and Angela at the same time and moment.

God Bless the whole family.. If only I could've helped that day.

windowgirl said...

oh but Pat--then I owuldn't have this funny story :-)

cynthia said...

Oh my...this was great! I am so so glad you blog and I read! I love those babies. You keep going forward Kathy cause all these cute but horrifying to you things that they do is just things that put smiles on peoples faces and if not they have no sense of humor.

Patty said...

I was giggling.. :D while reading this and I can imagine the situation.. hee hee. I just don't want to hurt your feelings though, that is why I didn't tell it is funny.. haa