Monday, April 18, 2011


    It is amazing to me how many people don't seem to like to cook. I wonder if it is a dislike of cooking, or is it a lack of knowledge about cooking or just fear of creating something that is not good. When I was a young girl, I was a "can opener" I had no knowledge about cooking really aside from biscuit making. I also had a hefty dose of fear. I thought there had to be a "way" of doing and a great knowledge before one could be a real cook.  But soon I realized that if I was to enjoy meal times I was going to have to start experimenting.
     Never being one that enjoys ready made quick meals like hamburger meals with noodles and heat up frozen entrees, I set to work. I started out by adding to these ready meals adding an onion or a pepper extra noodles and spices. Soon I was losing the fear. I moved on to creating soups, and stews, experimenting with biscuit doughs, and cake mixes.
     I tried various ways of cooking fresh vegetables, steaming , broiling, sauteing, until I was satisfied with results. One step at a time I learned to cook mostly through trial and error. Then I visited my older relatives and wrote down things they had in their memories about recipes and cooking tips. They had forgotten more than I will ever know.
    I hope the art of cooking doesn't die away, mabe some day a young relative will visit me in my old age and ask me for tips I haven't forgotten yet.

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lisas-sister said...

sigh and you are a great cook,I can cook as I tell people and I have thrown stuff together as well as followed recipes. I guess I just never wanted my identity to be in the kitchen. Since my knowledge of health and food is growing my interest in cooking will undoubtedly grow. :)