Friday, November 21, 2008

Are they Nutz????

It seems to me that my hearing has gone off a little bit. I thought I heard a serious discussion on FOX News this morning on the difficulty Hillary Clinton might have if she were to be considered for Secretary of State. Surely I was mistaken....but no, it WAS a serious discussion, one that lasted for a while. Points considered were the HARD questions she would be forced to answer about ethics, money etc. etc., business dealings, and etc. etc. ... It was the most idiotic conversation I believe I have heard all week. Hillary Clinton, has just missed the presidential nomination by the skin of her teeth and answered NO hard questions, and this was before the congress shifted to be democratically happy. She danced her way smilingly through two years of political campaigning with no challenge worth mentioning from the republican party. Now that the climate has shifted to a politically supportive congress AND presidency, we are actually supposed to believe she will be challenged and the way will be HARD???? Further proof that our news media cannot be trusted was exhibited with that discussion.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My husband and son both came home today, it is a great relief. I would like to comment on the what cannot be seen with eye, in the world. There has been a foreboding in my heart for a long time. A strange sense of something coming, closer and very menacing. People need to be in their prayer closets and also in groups of to pray for mercy on this nation. What is coming is bigger than the U.S. has ever faced and much more horrible. I believe God has sent warnings to His people just like me, and most have shrugged the foreboding away or worse yet,"rebuked it". This IS coming there is no turning back, but there is still time for prayers of protection for the people of God and prayers for leadership in the time, those who think nothing Bad can happen because the rapture is coming WILL NOT STAND, we as a Godly people must pray for Holy Spirit leadership and be willing to listen and quickly obey. I had planned to keep this blog as a simple easy-going site but I cannot , please heed the warning and pray. Our nation has opened the door for a full out destruction by shutting our eyes and ears to the cries of abortion across this land. The word says the blood of the innocent cries out from the ground to God. Every nation who has sacrificed their children has fallen. You say they are not, but their is no greater god in the land than the god of SELF. Abortion always occurs so the lives of the parents can be "bettered" this is the god of self. When it crosses the line into the people of God, the umbrella of protection from God is gone, it is not necessarily God causing the calamity that follows, but His protection is lifted because of our sin. More and more I hear Christians say "Abortion is not an issue it has been legal for years" and state that there is nothing wrong with it . Little by little our christian world view has eroded until there is no difference from secular worldviews. This is the same as happened to Lot in the cities he chose to dwell in. Little by little he became desensitised until he could not tell the difference anymore. like the old song said" we don't try to shine a light anymore we're just, getting used to the dark". I am here to tell you that in a short while you won't like the dark and people will be scrambling to find someone who knows how to call on God. Do I believe in the rapture yes I do but I also believe that America is not some sort of "cosmic pet" of God's he is a Holy God who deserves a Holy people, not a perfect people but a people who love Him and worship Him is spirit and in truth. I also believe that before the rapture takes place things on earth will change dramatically just as they have been doing quickly for the last twenty years. To believe that America can suffer no ill wind just because we are America is very spiritually naive. Prepare, change is coming and you won't like it

Monday, October 13, 2008


As I type, I am basking in the knowledge that my son is out of danger and recovering quite nicely. My husband is stable and waiting for word. There are many things wrong in this world we live in, and many things we will never understand. We must do what is necessary to help where we can. Shine a light in the darkness, give a helping hand. Say a word of encouragement, even a word of gentle rebuke if need be, but never stop in the road of life to contemplate the darkness; quickly shine a candle instead.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I have often warned people that when one proclaims a truth there will come a test. This week has proven the validity of of that belief. My last posting proclaims that where you put your trust will be where you go for answers. This is so true. On Tuesday, my husband was told he must go on dialysis, something thousands of people face everyday. The catch is, his heart is not functioning well either; only 15-20%. As we prepared ourselves for this venture, little did we know that more was coming. Thursday, our 19 year old son, began to experience horrendous pain while at work. That night he had exploratory surgery which quickly revealed the need to remove 18 inches of destroyed small intestine and much infection throughout the abdomen. As I type, I have two of my dearest loves in hospitals a hundred miles apart, at home I have small children. In my mind the question echoes..."where do you post your question?" I almost smile. Thankfully, I know where my trust is, in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have truly close friends who stand with us while we trust and wait. I know who answers my questions and I know who solves my problems, he uses many people to work through such as doctors, nurses, friends and so on, but He gets the job done and "joy comes in the morning".

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Democrats blame the Republicans, the Republicans blame Clinton, Clinton blames everyone and everyone blames Bush. When the buck finally stops it seems to be worthless, and no solution is found. No matter which way the blame falls, or even is deserved, the solution is all that matters so...where will we find it? The more one has to lose the more serious one feels about the situation; an acquaintance lost over $6,ooo before yesterday's vote even happened. Since he could ill afford the 4o1k loss, he is very somber. The more wealthy are more anxious, yet an acquaintance who has no investments and no wealthy possessions is anxious of the government subsidy programs and the gas prices.
The answer is found in where you post the questions. If you place your trust and expectation in the stock market, there you will post your questions, and there you will expect to find answers. If you place your trust and expectation in the government then there will you post your questions and expect an answer. If you place your trust and expectation on Jehovah God then there will you post your questions and there you WILL RECEIVE an answer. Money is necessary to live and carry on the day to day life that we live, but we must never forget who our PROVIDER is and from where our sustenance originates. I pray that rather than panic, people will call into remembrance the forgotten things. And call upon HIM who is able to lead in the darkness, and guide in the foggy days of indecision. God's children, (those who profess to know Him), should never be known to do anything less than Believe and trust Him to take us THROUGH the trouble to the other side in victory...
So no matter who holds the blame; only one holds the answer, post your question to Him .

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Why is he here? It would be different if it were the first time, but he has not only been here before, but he has been here and insulted everything about us. You know who I am talking about, HIM, the leader of Iran. I refuse to name him, mostly because I can't spell it. He has been on our soil and insulted our way of life, our government and our president. And we allow him back and treat him with the dignity that should be reserved for great leaders, not dictators. America, what is going on? Israel, is in danger from this man and all he stands for and America as well, and yet we pacify the UN as well as Iran. Only in America, so the saying goes. We have willingly hidden behind shutters that veil us from seeing the truth around us. We have willingly said ,"I don't want to know I don't want to see, while danger lurks ever so closer, until it is not lurking any longer but rather LOOMING on the horizon...and still, we refuse to open the shutters.

Monday, September 22, 2008


My window has been boarded up for a few days due to my friend, computer, being down-- however--- we are up again. It has been an exciting, if not, nerve-wracking week. The stocks, the banks, the bombings, the weather; what are we to do??? It seems that where-ever we turn there is a problem, and just days away from the presidential election. It is time to think deeply, pray long, and act wisely. These events are like stones thrown into water; the impact will cause ripples across the span of time for decades. Let us all take care that our stones' ripples make a positive difference in times.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Presidential Politics is a lot like football season, by the time its ready for the big finish, I am quite sick of the whole thing. This campaign season has went on far longer than any other in the past. Adding a year of accusations, innuendo and mudslinging hasn't helped either side gain points with me. Palin added to the mix has done little to make me more confident in the conservative party, Biden added to the Obama campaign has left me unmoved. Either side leaves much to be desired and so we move closer to the election date. Some say '"Oh we must vote for the best of the bad." Oh really? If I lined up three really bad doctors to treat your severe illness, that idea wouldn't float very long, you would quickly be seeking out alternative medicine. Should our country not deserve the same consideration? Why are our citizens afraid to vote their conscious? Why are we bound to two choices and refuse to demand a voice? It has not always been so, when Abraham Lincoln became President it was thought it could never happen because the Republican party was a "new thing" , a party grown of rebellion, formed on one issue; "to stop the spread of slavery". Before the republican party was formed there were the democrats and the whigs, one idea formed a new party. Today we have many parts, the Libertarians, the green party the constitutionist party, etc. , but the citizens are led to believe that any vote outside the accepted two parties is a wasted vote, this is a handicap to free thought and free election. Unless we vote our conscious we are wasting our vote. The time has come for the citizens of America to stand strong in their beliefs and chose a leader and at the same time say proudly'"I VOTED".

Saturday, September 13, 2008


As I watched Geraldo Rivera get dunked by a giant wave, I asked myself,"what have we come to?" Most of America will watch the scene as it plays over and over again on youtube and fox. We will laugh, (because we all know its no more than he deserves), but have we really become so desensitized that we must have reporters risk their lives (if not their common sense) to cause news to be exciting enough to watch? News plays 24 hours a day and most sit with eyes glazed over until the next BIG thing happens. When Gustav blew through reporters converged and the disappointment was obvious as they reported a levy that held through the storm. So my question is not why was Geraldo stupid enough to stand on the sea wall, but rather "why do we want him to?