Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Why is he here? It would be different if it were the first time, but he has not only been here before, but he has been here and insulted everything about us. You know who I am talking about, HIM, the leader of Iran. I refuse to name him, mostly because I can't spell it. He has been on our soil and insulted our way of life, our government and our president. And we allow him back and treat him with the dignity that should be reserved for great leaders, not dictators. America, what is going on? Israel, is in danger from this man and all he stands for and America as well, and yet we pacify the UN as well as Iran. Only in America, so the saying goes. We have willingly hidden behind shutters that veil us from seeing the truth around us. We have willingly said ,"I don't want to know I don't want to see, while danger lurks ever so closer, until it is not lurking any longer but rather LOOMING on the horizon...and still, we refuse to open the shutters.

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lisas-sister said...

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Ah-yes very well said! We try to be...ummm what do they call it? Ah "democratic-so as not sink as low as people like "him". you know he would never give a platform to the Isreali P.M-or to Bush for that matter. He apparently thinks he is far more intelligent than any of the western leaders-and apparently so does the U.N. Maybe we think so too or we wouldnt kiss the U.N. butt.