Friday, November 21, 2008

Are they Nutz????

It seems to me that my hearing has gone off a little bit. I thought I heard a serious discussion on FOX News this morning on the difficulty Hillary Clinton might have if she were to be considered for Secretary of State. Surely I was mistaken....but no, it WAS a serious discussion, one that lasted for a while. Points considered were the HARD questions she would be forced to answer about ethics, money etc. etc., business dealings, and etc. etc. ... It was the most idiotic conversation I believe I have heard all week. Hillary Clinton, has just missed the presidential nomination by the skin of her teeth and answered NO hard questions, and this was before the congress shifted to be democratically happy. She danced her way smilingly through two years of political campaigning with no challenge worth mentioning from the republican party. Now that the climate has shifted to a politically supportive congress AND presidency, we are actually supposed to believe she will be challenged and the way will be HARD???? Further proof that our news media cannot be trusted was exhibited with that discussion.