Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Honor of My Daddy

   I am thinking of my Daddy on this Father's day. He passed away in 2001. A wise man said, that even
the worst of fathers surely showed glimpes of true fatherliness every now and then. I hope this is
true. My father was not a ,"worst of the father's", by any means, he just had weaknesses, like everyone
else. I think true maturity comes when we can recognize our parents as human beings, who happen to
have offspring.
   My Daddy was a nature lover, a fisherman, of both the creek bank and the deep sea sort. He was
a hunter, who, because of his Cherokee heritage, gave every target a sporting chance. He was a
wonderful cook who experimented with every spice in the kitchen, and somehow everything turned out delicious.
   Daddy was a prankster to the extent of having water fights inside the house, and wrestling matches
all over the furniture. He let me sit in his lap and steer the car while he worked the peddles before I was
old enough to go to school. He taught me to ride a bike, throw a ball and love music. He taught me to
polish shoes that were fit for army inspection, and showed me how to catch craw dads,(thats one I never got the hang of).
   My Daddy was also a functioning alcoholic. This means he went to work every day and did what was
necessary to raise his family. He had some serious problems, but I am glad that wise man made the
statement about the good points, because it made me start thinking about them. I learned alot from my
Daddy. I wish him a Happy Father's Day today, I miss him.


     I have so many cute names for my children...Pudding Pie, Sweet Pumpkin,
Sweet Potatoe Bread, Dumpling Doo, Sweetness, Pudding Bear, Kissy Face.
The times when they are up to something they have different names like,
Tater Head, Pester Pot, Tumble Weed, Noodle Head.Yes affection in a name, it is a glorious thing.
     I overheard a conversation the other day. A gentleman was discussing age  and forgetfulness. He constantly offended his now grown children by "calling the roll" trying desperately to get the right name for the one he was speaking to. My Mom used to do that, I was called both my brother's names before she got it right. She would say,"You will be old one day and you will remember laughing at me."
     I have six children, three of them are long since grown, and I can say truthfully I never mix up their names. I always get it right.It is a source of  
pride for me (or so I thought).
   My son, Sweet Dumpling, age 21, was a part of the conversation I overheard. He replied to the older gentleman," You know my Mom never does that. When I was little I thought she was just affectionate and creative, calling us, "Sugar Pie", and "Dumpling Sweet", but now I realize she just couldn't remember our names!"

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Date with Reagan

     It doesn't take much to make a child happy. Ethan, my son, needed a ride home from his work as assistant manager at a local Food store. It was late, past nine p.m. so I was going alone. I was nearly to the car when a little voice called,"Mommy, Mommy, can I come too?" It was Reagan running after me. Since I had been gone most of the day, I happily told him yest, I would love his company. He grabbed my arm in a hug and said, "Mommy you're my best friend, AND my best girl!"
     I had buckled him in and was preparing to leave when Jonathan came and said he and Ang would go too. Reagan said nothing but his face fell. I said,"Reagan, Jon and Ang want to go don't you want them to?" He looked somber and answered quietly,"I don't tink so...tell Jonathan, another day...another time."
     Jonathan and Ang stayed home. I felt that Reagan needed some time alone with his Mommy.And I was right. I didn't play the radio...we talked and then he was quiet, I asked,"Do you want me to sing you a song?" he smiled and said yes. I sang him a song that had been his favorite when he was younger,when I finished he was silent and then said,"BRAVO, Mommy, BRAVO!"
     We arrived at the store and had to wait quite a while for Ethan to finish up so we walked together in the parking lot in the darkness and then, I bought us an Orange soda and we sat on a park bench and shared it.
Reagan sat very close and held my hand a lot. When Ethan was finished we took him home. Ethan was going to hug Reagan good-bye, but Reagan said,"Just go Ethan, just Go!" We laughed.
     On the last of the ride to our place Reagan sang ME a song, it was made up as he went and very funny, and we laughed together. When I got him out of the car he hugged me tight and said," This was fun Mommy, Me and you are Good Times!"
     I think I have the sweetest boy in the whole world!