Thursday, June 16, 2011


     I have so many cute names for my children...Pudding Pie, Sweet Pumpkin,
Sweet Potatoe Bread, Dumpling Doo, Sweetness, Pudding Bear, Kissy Face.
The times when they are up to something they have different names like,
Tater Head, Pester Pot, Tumble Weed, Noodle Head.Yes affection in a name, it is a glorious thing.
     I overheard a conversation the other day. A gentleman was discussing age  and forgetfulness. He constantly offended his now grown children by "calling the roll" trying desperately to get the right name for the one he was speaking to. My Mom used to do that, I was called both my brother's names before she got it right. She would say,"You will be old one day and you will remember laughing at me."
     I have six children, three of them are long since grown, and I can say truthfully I never mix up their names. I always get it right.It is a source of  
pride for me (or so I thought).
   My son, Sweet Dumpling, age 21, was a part of the conversation I overheard. He replied to the older gentleman," You know my Mom never does that. When I was little I thought she was just affectionate and creative, calling us, "Sugar Pie", and "Dumpling Sweet", but now I realize she just couldn't remember our names!"


Anonymous said...

That's funny; I especially like two of the words, Tater head and Pester pot, because they resemble the nicknames I call my daughter. I have a barrage of funny names I call her, and they're usually just something that rhymes to where I can get a laugh out of her.

windowgirl said...

noodle head is a good one too! I have plenty. Like you it is fun to watch them laugh...its especially funny to call out, come here Dumpling, and all three come running!

neverlandprincess said...

I honest to God have heard you call the roll-EVEN I CALL THE ROLL!

neverlandprincess said...

HAHAHA! It is true more than one do come running.