Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Date with Reagan

     It doesn't take much to make a child happy. Ethan, my son, needed a ride home from his work as assistant manager at a local Food store. It was late, past nine p.m. so I was going alone. I was nearly to the car when a little voice called,"Mommy, Mommy, can I come too?" It was Reagan running after me. Since I had been gone most of the day, I happily told him yest, I would love his company. He grabbed my arm in a hug and said, "Mommy you're my best friend, AND my best girl!"
     I had buckled him in and was preparing to leave when Jonathan came and said he and Ang would go too. Reagan said nothing but his face fell. I said,"Reagan, Jon and Ang want to go don't you want them to?" He looked somber and answered quietly,"I don't tink so...tell Jonathan, another day...another time."
     Jonathan and Ang stayed home. I felt that Reagan needed some time alone with his Mommy.And I was right. I didn't play the radio...we talked and then he was quiet, I asked,"Do you want me to sing you a song?" he smiled and said yes. I sang him a song that had been his favorite when he was younger,when I finished he was silent and then said,"BRAVO, Mommy, BRAVO!"
     We arrived at the store and had to wait quite a while for Ethan to finish up so we walked together in the parking lot in the darkness and then, I bought us an Orange soda and we sat on a park bench and shared it.
Reagan sat very close and held my hand a lot. When Ethan was finished we took him home. Ethan was going to hug Reagan good-bye, but Reagan said,"Just go Ethan, just Go!" We laughed.
     On the last of the ride to our place Reagan sang ME a song, it was made up as he went and very funny, and we laughed together. When I got him out of the car he hugged me tight and said," This was fun Mommy, Me and you are Good Times!"
     I think I have the sweetest boy in the whole world!

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neverlandprincess said...

This was the most beautiful story-tears