Monday, May 30, 2011


     I smell my roast beef cooking, later I will pull it and make bar b que with all the fixings. It is Memorial Day, a day of eating and having fun doing exhausting play or being lazy...whichever way we decide to spend it!
     Memorial Day...a day of Memory, a day to honor, a day to take note of what brave men and women have done to keep our people free. I say "our people" so as to make it more real to each person in this country. A country is a people. It is not land, it is not a cold, spot on the map, it is not a name is a PEOPLE. A group of people working together to make a place to live, a place to grow, a place to pursue happiness. To do these things, the PEOPLE must be free.
     Free to pursue, free to grow, free to worship, free to think and have vision for tomorrow, free to make those visions become reality. Sometimes that freedom must be fought for at high prices. When the backs of the people are pushed to the wall and freedom is at stake we must fight to maintain it. Once it is lost ...even a small portion...the fight must be harder, the fight must be longer and the fight MUST be won. There are those that believe nothing is worth fighting for, nothing is worth the loss of life to maintain. Those people are mislead, freedom is worth it. Let someone cover your face with a pillow and we will watch you fight for breath...that is what freedom is...breath..the breath of true life.