Friday, May 13, 2011


I live in an apartment, its nice. I do have issues with the smoke alarms , however. There is one in every room , they are on a system that includes sprinklers (which froze and burst twice this winter, but that is for another blog) and alarm lights. I have no issue with smoke alarms, per se, it is just THESE smoke alarms. They are heat sensitive and smoke sensitive. I can barely make coffee without them going off. no I am not exaggerating and no I don't burn coffee.

Every single time I cook they go off and I do mean starts with the one nearest the kitchen and travels until at least three of them are shrieking into the eardrums of all who live here. It is a problem for me since I actually cook, real food. every day. But even when it is a lazy night such as tonight, it is a source of irritation.

We got home late, kids were hungry ,so I threw a frozen pizza into the oven, twenty minutes later the alarms go off telling me that ...guess what?... the air is warmer. I open the oven door to remove pizza and they all go off, then Shadow (poodle) begins to whine and howl because it hurts his ears, I open the door to allow a breeze to come in and the alarms stop.

One day I was cooking a big meal and got tired of the one nearest going off so I removed the battery, in about twenty minutes all the emergency lights start flashing and all the remaining alarms start going off, I realize that any minute the sprinklers could start because I had messed with the system! So quickly I returned the battery and had to put up with the alarms every few minutes.

I know what will be sure to happen one day, I will be standing fanning the alarm while a real fire sneaks up behind me , because I am used to them going off!


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cynthia said...

Bless your heart...Id tell them there is a default in the smoke alarm...that would get irritating.