Thursday, May 19, 2011


     It is amazing what a box will do. When my oldest children were growing up any kind of box thrilled them to pieces. At christmas time, when they were babies, a box entertained them more than its contents, and as they grew older boxes still gave them hours of play.
     I had opportunity to bring home a giant box that a store had thrown out which had contained a large appliance. My kids were thrilled and spent weeks exploring the universe in their "Starship Enterprise" and running country roads in their "car". They hid in the "cave" and found treasure in the "mine", they chased bad guys through the sea in their "submarine" and visited each other in their "house". How can any child be child, without a box?
     Last evening my 21 year old son knocked on my door, (odd for him), and stood grinning from ear to ear when I answered. He covertly whispered," I have a surprise for Reagan, he is gonna LOVE IT" But can I take it home and keep it for the weekend, before he keeps it for good?" I was thinking, "why has this boy brought an animal here?", "he knows I can't have one in the apartment".  Then he stepped aside, to reveal a giant BOX like unto the kind a refrigerator comes in!
     He brought it inside, to the delight of Reagan, who squealed and vibrated, exclaiming," A box, a box thanks Ethan that's a great box, " and later, "I know its just a box, Ethan , but can we call it Mr. Boxy?" Reagan and Ethan played in the box side by side;  then Ethan convinced Reagan that it was best he take it home and "keep it safe" for him lest it get torn up, then he would bring it back.
     Ethan played in his box after he got home and even pnotographed himself. My son, the drama king. He will be a great dad someday, instilling great stories and chances to use imaginations. He will watch his grown children play one day and smile....


cynthia said...

I love it!! I need a box for Brody when he is old enough! Thanks for sharing!

neverlandprincess said...

This was so cute