Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

     This is Mother's Day, I will say Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers across the land. I will say Happy Mother's Day to my mother who has lived in heaven since July 11, 1999. I miss her and I have been thinking about her all day. They are happy thoughts and memories of a wonderful mother.
     There are mother's and then there are mothers. Some do the basics that get the children grown, and then there are those that have a bond that last forever. A mother that one can talk to late into the night, and cry into their shoulder. A mother that one can pray with, laugh with , and play with. I had such a mother as this.
     One of my earliest memories is Mother reading to me "Chicken Little". She read to us children a lot. "Paul Bunyan", "The Sugar Creek Gang", the Bible, and countless other books. But she was a story teller too, she embellished every bedtime story ever written, to the extent that if you heard it as it was written it was quite boring. From this I gained my love of reading , and ...story telling.
     Mother gave the kitchen utensils for us to dig in the dirt with, hours were spent digging and building castles and frog houses. She taught us the long grass from the lily bed was really "spaghetti for the giants and they came to pick it at night, they might step on the houses so we better pick it first and cook it so they wont come." Gravels were beans, didn't we know? and she would show us the rocks in the beans when she looked them before cooking to prove it was so. My mother was not ashamed to play with her children...or grandchildren. From this I learned to enjoy my children.
     Mother was a great listener-- always ready to hear a problem or a happening. Sharing around the breakfast table was a common occurrence, bedtime talks were even more common. Listening and praying, were the things mother was sure to do.  From this I learned to listen, and care.
     Mother was always singing in the house, singing at church and singing in the car.  From this I learned to sing.
     My mother was not perfect, she was impatient, and she could be a little fireball, when she got her dander up. From this I learned, To try and be patient, keep my cool and control my temper...sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I don't.
     Happy Mother's Day Mommy, you are the best. <3


neverlandprincess said...

You learned well-you are the best!

cynthia said...

Without a mother to share these joys and to learn from..I taught myself to be this way. Thanks to friends and aunts for always being there for me. You are a wonderful mother and it shows.

davismj26 said...

Great post, it makes me think about my mother and all the good times throughout the years. I think I'm going to continue reading your blog and just forget about mine.:)Reagan and I have something in common, as I took Taekwondo also when I was about his age. I took in Gardendale and I believe my instructor's name was Mitchell Haygood.