Wednesday, May 4, 2011


     I sometimes wonder why so much sadness exists in the world. Last night I thought," if I have to hear one more report of death or bad news I cannot handle it"....But guess what? I had one more report...and I handled it...and I am still here.
     Five deaths in less than a week in my close family or friends circle, only two had to do with the storms. Many other sad and bad happenings along with it. Such a sad week, all in all. I hate writing about less than uplifting things, so I tried to find some good in the week and it really was hard for a while; because all my brain would stay fixed on, was the hurt and horror of it all. Then I began to see things---
      I have God who sustains my spirit and emotions and comforts me. Psalms 91.
     I have one truly great friend who lets me rant and doesn't judge.
I have a cute little boy who says just the right things to make me smile and look deeper at a situation.
     While driving, I saw, on the side of the road, Black-eyed susans and red clover standing thick and tall in the grass-- the promise of life and spring and hope to my eyes, at that moment. I saw dogwood blooming-- reminding me of Jesus and the just past Easter when we spoke of His sacrifice.
     As I sat on my porch, I heard the lady upstairs singing to her baby-- her voice truly beautiful. I had never heard her before...but the power was off and the windows were was a blessing to hear .
     Through the devastation and wreckage, there are reminders that all is not lost and Hope is here for the tomorrows to come, we just need to seek out the hope and cling to it.

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cynthia said...

Truely uplifting...thanks for sharing. Youre right, some of the things we overlook are things that can brighten our our day and make us have positive thoughts and think on other things when life seems to be going in a negative direction.