Sunday, May 1, 2011

Storm Damage

   My power was restored today, after it went out during the severe storms and tornadoes a few days ago. I live in northeast Alabama and the damage is too severe to describe. I could write all day and still not replicate with words-- what the eye can not even comprehend. After living here for years and knowing the placement of businesses and residences, to see a pile of rubble, one can not remember what it was supposed to be-- it is so unrecognizable.
    Many deaths ,and  much destruction has affected everyone living here. Each family has a member or friend who has lost something or someone this week. I have lost an uncle and aunt, who were killed in the storm, and several family members lost their homes and all their possessions.
     I have merely been without power for several days, but even with that I was blessed with a pastor with a generator and a compassionate heart. I was able to provide food for my children and enjoy fellowship at the same time this week. I still came home to a dark house but I could have my children around me and entertain them with stories and songs. We didn't stay up as late, and the house wasn't as clean, but when all is said and done, the important things got done. Helping each other and being thankful for everything and everyone in our lives.
     On a lighter and yet poignant note....I had explained to Reagan that the wind and the storm was why we had no power, and he saw the devastated areas that were accessible. Today when we came home from church the power was on and he jumped around singing," we have lights and lights and more lights! and TV. and Computer, thanks Wind Thank you wind!" and then he looked at me and said," maybe the wind will blow back the houses and trees since it blew the power back on" If it could happen, it would fix everything would it not? But since it cannot happen let us pray for all the families please.



cynthia said...

Its so heartbreaking to look at the many homes and businesses that once stood. Its weird to not be able to even recognize the place youve called your hometown for 25 years. Things will never be the same and hearts will forever be broken. But, I understand that we will all pick up the missing pieces and go on with our lives as soon as time prevails. Glad we were safe as well as you all.

neverlandprincess said...

Bless Reagans little innoncence