Friday, May 6, 2011

They Grow Up so Fast

     Reagan is a little man of six. Quite handsome, and engaging is he with his antics and expressions. He was bound to get the attention of a girl one day....I just didnt think it would be this soon! I was comfortable with it though and quite proud as he raced by screaming in terror "NO No No No No " as she ran behind him trying to catch him to kiss him.
     Later he tearfully told me ,"I dont want to get married! That girl was trying to kiss me and that means I am marrying " I held him and comforted and of course was so happy my baby wanted to stay with his mommy forever and ever......Two days later....
     We were all getting ready to go to the grocery I washed his little grimy face, Reagan said ,"A girl kissed me right there". I stopped still and said, "What? a Girl kissed you?" "Yeah ", he said,"I got kissed by a girl". I was getting mad, that little girl chased my son down and forced a kiss on his screaming terrorized little personhood!
I remained calm, and gently asked,"Did you cry?" and he said ,"No I was dead on the ground like this ", as he slithered to the floor looking very dead,"and she kissed me so I could get alive again".
Grasping at straws I responded hopefully,"Well, I guess YOU wont be dead again huh?" He answered somberely,"OH I will be dead again tommorow! I will be dead again ALOT!"
My precious baby has been proselytized!

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neverlandprincess said...

Bless his little heart....we must now hide him.
This was a great story however.