Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Democrats blame the Republicans, the Republicans blame Clinton, Clinton blames everyone and everyone blames Bush. When the buck finally stops it seems to be worthless, and no solution is found. No matter which way the blame falls, or even is deserved, the solution is all that matters so...where will we find it? The more one has to lose the more serious one feels about the situation; an acquaintance lost over $6,ooo before yesterday's vote even happened. Since he could ill afford the 4o1k loss, he is very somber. The more wealthy are more anxious, yet an acquaintance who has no investments and no wealthy possessions is anxious of the government subsidy programs and the gas prices.
The answer is found in where you post the questions. If you place your trust and expectation in the stock market, there you will post your questions, and there you will expect to find answers. If you place your trust and expectation in the government then there will you post your questions and expect an answer. If you place your trust and expectation on Jehovah God then there will you post your questions and there you WILL RECEIVE an answer. Money is necessary to live and carry on the day to day life that we live, but we must never forget who our PROVIDER is and from where our sustenance originates. I pray that rather than panic, people will call into remembrance the forgotten things. And call upon HIM who is able to lead in the darkness, and guide in the foggy days of indecision. God's children, (those who profess to know Him), should never be known to do anything less than Believe and trust Him to take us THROUGH the trouble to the other side in victory...
So no matter who holds the blame; only one holds the answer, post your question to Him .

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