Monday, September 22, 2008


My window has been boarded up for a few days due to my friend, computer, being down-- however--- we are up again. It has been an exciting, if not, nerve-wracking week. The stocks, the banks, the bombings, the weather; what are we to do??? It seems that where-ever we turn there is a problem, and just days away from the presidential election. It is time to think deeply, pray long, and act wisely. These events are like stones thrown into water; the impact will cause ripples across the span of time for decades. Let us all take care that our stones' ripples make a positive difference in times.

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lisas-sister said...

Ah-yes very well said! We try to be...ummm what do they call it? Ah "democratic-so as not sink as low as people like "him". you know he would never give a platform to the Isreali P.M-or to Bush for that matter. He apparently thinks he is far more intelligent than any of the western leaders-and apparently so does the U.N. Maybe we think so too or we wouldnt kiss the U.N. butt.