Monday, September 15, 2008


Presidential Politics is a lot like football season, by the time its ready for the big finish, I am quite sick of the whole thing. This campaign season has went on far longer than any other in the past. Adding a year of accusations, innuendo and mudslinging hasn't helped either side gain points with me. Palin added to the mix has done little to make me more confident in the conservative party, Biden added to the Obama campaign has left me unmoved. Either side leaves much to be desired and so we move closer to the election date. Some say '"Oh we must vote for the best of the bad." Oh really? If I lined up three really bad doctors to treat your severe illness, that idea wouldn't float very long, you would quickly be seeking out alternative medicine. Should our country not deserve the same consideration? Why are our citizens afraid to vote their conscious? Why are we bound to two choices and refuse to demand a voice? It has not always been so, when Abraham Lincoln became President it was thought it could never happen because the Republican party was a "new thing" , a party grown of rebellion, formed on one issue; "to stop the spread of slavery". Before the republican party was formed there were the democrats and the whigs, one idea formed a new party. Today we have many parts, the Libertarians, the green party the constitutionist party, etc. , but the citizens are led to believe that any vote outside the accepted two parties is a wasted vote, this is a handicap to free thought and free election. Unless we vote our conscious we are wasting our vote. The time has come for the citizens of America to stand strong in their beliefs and chose a leader and at the same time say proudly'"I VOTED".

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lisas-sister said...

Very thought provking and well said.