Saturday, October 11, 2008


I have often warned people that when one proclaims a truth there will come a test. This week has proven the validity of of that belief. My last posting proclaims that where you put your trust will be where you go for answers. This is so true. On Tuesday, my husband was told he must go on dialysis, something thousands of people face everyday. The catch is, his heart is not functioning well either; only 15-20%. As we prepared ourselves for this venture, little did we know that more was coming. Thursday, our 19 year old son, began to experience horrendous pain while at work. That night he had exploratory surgery which quickly revealed the need to remove 18 inches of destroyed small intestine and much infection throughout the abdomen. As I type, I have two of my dearest loves in hospitals a hundred miles apart, at home I have small children. In my mind the question echoes..."where do you post your question?" I almost smile. Thankfully, I know where my trust is, in the Lord Jesus Christ. I have truly close friends who stand with us while we trust and wait. I know who answers my questions and I know who solves my problems, he uses many people to work through such as doctors, nurses, friends and so on, but He gets the job done and "joy comes in the morning".

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