Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keep Smiling...

I am writing this at the local library, why? because my computer died. I have to be careful because on this keyboard I am using the space bar only works 2/3 of the time, that means, when I think it is fine , zappo! it happens again and appears that I am not breathing between my words...I hate that. Yes computer is in the shop getting a new brain... bummer, but a new brain will be good, all fresh and unused, un virused and un- tarnished. Hey that sounds pretty good, especially since he is taking my files from the old one and putting them in the new. Would that not be the greatest thing ever? To have a new untarnished brain but yet having the good information intact? Since that cant happen outside of science fiction we will have to have the next best thing, replacement value. REPLACEMENT OF BRAIN?????  No, not quite. Replacement of thoughts, renewal of the brain. Get rid of old thought patterns and replace them with new. Toss out the junk and replace with good, positive, and visionary thoughts. Feed your mind on uplifting things and ideas. Build visions for tomorrow and begin to make them happen. When you feel like crawling under a rock, step into the sunshine, if its raining on your parade, just dance in the rain! How refreshing!
My computer will be better than before...I plan to make my mind better than before as well!

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