Saturday, April 16, 2011


     This has not been my best day ever, I've been a little down. But with a little boy like Reagan in the house no one can stay down for long. Let me explain him to you. He is six years old and quite the little sweet heart. He was born and seemed quite normal. He did things a little different than most babies, but we didn't mind. At the age of about a year and a half old, he began to lose words, he knew many words up until then....but he just stopped saying them, and he stopped playing with us, he sat behind the recliner and played alone...lineing his toys up in rows.
     I recognized the symptoms and called specialists, and in the meantime we worked with him ourselves as a family. While he shunned hugs, we hugged anyway. While he withdrew, we followed. While he played alone, we sat beside him and played.
     For a couple of years he only echoed what he heard, and scenes from tv shows he liked. He was a little parrot. But little by little he began to come out of the shadows and join us. Through prayer and play and perserverance, Reagan of the "Reaganisms", was born. Believe it or not, its only been a year that he has began to talk and have actual conversations. The first time he said Well, I love you Mommy" I cried for a long time.
     Now I must share the latest "Reaganism" which is what we have named his little profound and often funny statements:
    Reagan runs up to me with face shining and a smile as big as the sun,"Well, Mommy I CLEANED THE TABLE!" Ethan says, you did?" Reagan smiles,"YEAH I SPIT! and then I used the towel and everything! ITS shiny!"
    It means so much more now that you know his story I hope!



lisas-sister said...

This made me tear up,Reagan has come a long way in his little tiny life.

cynthia said...

Oh my...such a precious angel. With God all things are possible. Isn't it amazing how he just burst into a tiny little fella full of energy and profound sayings...of Reaganisms.