Friday, April 22, 2011

It is Easter season and aside from the holiday's specific implications, Easter is a happy time for me because of flowers.
I love flowers and plants of all kinds, I love dirt I love to smell it and touch it and play in it and make things grow in it. But I digress....back to the flowers.
This time of year things are blooming and sprouting and filling the landscape with refreshing, new life, new smells, and new views.
 I was talking to someone yesterday who had no knowledge of such things outside of a flower garden. Where she lives if you have no flower garden you don't see flowers. I can not imagine such a thing. I began to think about all the beauty we have surrounding us here. Much of the beauty I love so much grows wild. I enjoy domestic flowers as well, tulips, daffodils, roses, azaleas, but the wild dog woods and clover and all the other plants are so beautiful and add so much to our life.
Lets all stop this Easter weekend and take notice of the beauty around us.

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