Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is always an experience! Almost like christmas, I find things I forgot I had, things I dont need , and things that make me exclaim, "what is that?"  This go round I found some Christmas angel ornaments that I never found in time for Christmas,and some winter gloves that I really need now that it is spring!. I found an unused Huggie diaper that I know will come in handy someday; so I stashed it in a box for the grandkids that I may have, finally, before I am seventy.
     I did part with clothes that are too large, for I plan ahead, never to need them; and kept some old craft magazines, because I know I will make those things one day. Quilting material is always a must, so, I have a box full that will make a snuggly quilt one day. In the meantime, I will use the beads from that pretty broken necklace to make a brand new one even preetier!
    I discovered my poodle, Shadow's, various hiding places for his rocks, (he should have been a geologist's doggie), that he brings in every day, also my missing wooden spoons were in his stash! I have yet to catch him getting one , but he must climb onto to the table to accomplish it.
     Yes spring cleaning is always a great deal of fun and nostalgia, Can't wait 'til fall cleaning and see what I find!


Anonymous said...

Unused Huggie Diaper....hilarious.

cynthia said...

Oh my...this is too cute and should put a smile on anyones face. diapers, spoons, rock, Lol. Gotta love that dog.