Sunday, April 24, 2011


     This morning I arrived at church early to take down the red/scarlet cloth from the cross and exchange it with a white one. Reagan, of course was helping and chatting away.I took down the satiny red one and folded it, he asked to hold it for me. He was chatting about the soft, prettiness of it. Suddenly he was quite and watching me as I placed the white one around the  cross,"Why are you putting a white one up there mommy?" he asked. I answered,"Because the white one means Jesus is alive and we are so happy".
He looked down at the one in his hands and said ,"This one is red". I said "Yes, isn't it so pretty?" With a grim face he answered,"Yeah, but it means He's just dead". he pointed to the white one on the cross and said smiling,"THAT ONE means he's ALIVE!"

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lisas-sister said...

This little fella...always puts a tear in my eye....