Wednesday, April 13, 2011

     Many Native American's believed that their soul would be stolen if a photograph was taken of them. The Amish believe it is allowing a graven image to be made which is forbidden by God in the Bible.Most people while shunning a camerathemselves, readily fill their homes with photos of children, grandchildren and pets, so as to never forget a moment in time.
I have recently had to deal with loss and decide whether to choose dispair or contentment in the midst of it.
     My apartment was flooded twice this winter due to a faulty sprinkler system in the construction. The flood could have been worse than it was, I lost a computer, a number of books, photographs and paper work, not to mention clothes and other things.
     The computer , of course, was important, but my two prized possesions were my photographs and books, and that was the greatest loss to my heart.
I said before it could have been worse for I still have a number of books and the most prized are still in fine shape , but my phographs were many and now they are very few.
     I sorrowed for a while and then I thought, these photos contain no souls, I still have my family , some people only have photos, no family. And to mourn the loss more than a little would be to make it a graven image. I soon decided to be content, I dont need photographs to remember my children, and books with time can be replaced.
     God cares for me in good times as well as chaotic times, He never forgets me and provides all my needs one way or another. The clothes were soon replaced, and blessings poured in showing that He had not forgotten. He is always going to care for me.

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