Friday, April 15, 2011

stormy weather

     Storms bring out the worst, best and funniest in everyone. It has been cool windy, and rainy most of the day. In fact, very  windy and tornados close by. I have been sitting at the computer writing and since I live in an apartment I can hear neighbors as they come and go. I have to smile when I here the high pitched shrieks as they run in the cold pouring rain from their cars to their doors.
     People drive faster than they should in such weather, hoping to get home quicker, but it makes for bad tempers and dangerous situations.
     Even as the wind howls and the rain pours, my poor Shadow (poodle) has to go potty, but he won't go out in the rain! Unless of course I walk out with him....NOT A FUN TIME. I ask you, what is the difference in three inches of roof over my head as I wait for him? It isn't good enough... he stares pitifully, I must step out into the rain with him or he will go back inside and use the floor.
     I threaten him as I often do with making a hearth rug out of him...he smiles and wags.... because he knows I dont have a hearth.

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cynthia said...

Very true, bad weather make people crazy..haha. Oh the things we go through for our animals. Our dogs do the same thing. They let us know they need to potty then when they look out and see the dreary rain coming down they turn around and go lie back down.