Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Way of It

     So yesterday it was so sunny and beautiful, I determined to spend some time in the lounge chair outside, and take in some rays. I was a good steward of my time though, and did all the things I needed to do first. Finally, I donned my swim suit, lounge chair, sunning spray, a book and trekked out to the side yard. Ahhhh this was great, for about half an hour, the sun warmed my skin and felt great. Just as I was about to doze off, a strange and new sensation brushed my skin. A cool breeze....a little discomforting....ahhhh warm again. Irritatingly, there it was again, I peeked out from under my lashes and discovered...a cloud was partially covering the sun. No big deal, it would go on over...But no...it did not. My sunning time should have ended then...technically it did, but I was too stubborn to quit, and stayed there until it dawned that I probably looked ridiculous to the neighbors. Not wanting to embarrass my children, I gathered my things and returned indoors.
Next time maybe I should sun first and be a good steward later. ;)

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