Monday, November 18, 2013


     A friend told me he was reading my blog....I was embarrassed because I had not written on it in a very long time...longer than even I thought. That's not to say I haven't written ANYTHING in a year....I have...just not there....on my public blog.


Children are older, events have passed...time has moved forward...I AM OLDER.
The thing with TIME is that it just keeps moving. I can make plans, I can procrastinate, I can look forward to a time in the future ...but the truth is time moves forward and drags us along whether we like it or not.
My plan of having a book published "next year" has not happened yet "next year" has come and gone.
SEIZE THE DAY! means more to me now than ever before. I must value each day, each moment and make the days count...just as God intended me to. Not that I will stress out, and drive myself crazy, and live an unhappy just the opposite...because each day will MATTER...each embrace will mean even more....each conversation, each plan....will be a MOMENT instead of a minute.

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