Friday, December 6, 2013


    Angela is my precious Angel, now 13 years old. It seems her biggest leaps

have come at Christmas time. Due to complications after birth she suffered 

brain damage which made her a very special child. She is one who has overcome

many of the dire predictions of her life and abilities. I know that her successes 

are due to prayer and love , and I am so grateful to people for both.

     The grim outlook for her as a baby was..."She will never eat solid food, she

 will never walk, she will never know you are her parents, she will never play or

 learn, she will never talk, we can hope for the best, but prepare for her to be

 little more than a vegetable."  Always at Christmastime she made her more 

 astounding leaps. One the Christmas she was three--she squealed with delight

 at the sight of the tree being brought in, and that Christmas she took her first

     This week angela has tried very hard to speak--something she has never

 done before no matter the coaxing.  she has been able to say one word since

 she was 4 and that word is 'happy". That word kept hope alive in our hearts.

Her little brother, Reagan, always introduces her saying, "This is my sister

 Angela, she doesn't talk yet." On his own he has such great faith, and often

 speaks of her brain getting better. He is very excited this week for her.

Angela is a joy and a gift; I know that when she speaks she will have so much

to tell us --in her own words!




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cynthia said...

These children are a blessing and to see the accomplishments made just touches my heart! I love y'all.