Saturday, December 29, 2012


The new year is upon us and while "resolutions " will abound, few will be carried out.
  • Spend time with family
  • Exercise
  • Lose weight
  • stop smoking
 are the top promises to self that people make every year.
These are well intentioned, but in reality none can be carried out until change is made inside a person. Why? Because all are habits with a root in self indulgence.
We spend time with family when we decide to spend time with family--usually we are spending time doing what we want to do. We exercise when we decide that our health is more important than Facebook, television or lounging around.
We lose weight when decide to change our lifestyle and eating habits instead of trying fad diets or short lived bouts of pills and gimmicks that give us an excuse to say, "I've tried everything".
We stop smoking when we take control of our actions and deal with stress and anxiety in our life instead of numbing it.

     All of these things take self sacrifice, and allowing God to help by shining His light  where change needs to come. Prayer and spending time daily in His word can bring the Light that reveals to our heart things we need to change. These  can be big and little things. Usually we don't expect the little everyday things to be important to God, but they are the things that make a BIG difference , and can change our world.
It is usually roots of self indulgence that keep rejecting the light that brings real change. But through His light we can realize that the better we care for our bodies the more we can do in our daily life to help others as well as be happier ourselves.
The  better we feel, the more we will want to spend time with others and be involved in things we enjoy. Our life was not given to us to be wasted and our bodies were not given to us to be abused by our own hand, they are tools for His use, but the choice is always ours.

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