Thursday, March 10, 2011

LOST in K-MART, ...a Mother's Struggle to Find Herself...Cause the Kid Knew Where He was All Along

Went to K-mart today to clothes shop with teenage son. If that wasn't enough drama, take along a ten year old and a newly turned six year old, hyper-active, Calvin clone and be back in time for church. While teen and I looked at clothes with one eye and Calvin (REAGAN) with the other, Angela stood sweetly by watching. Reagan sat on the shelving, swam through the hanging clothes screaming in a gurgling drowning voice,"HELP ME" somebody, please help me", as he slowy sank lower.

On the way to socks and underwear suddenly Calvin, oops I mean Reagan disappeared, literally he was there one second right beside my left leg and the next he was not. I spun around, I called his name, I looked through clothes hanging. I called louder. I ran to adjoining aisles, nothing. I searched for about five whole minutes, and was begining to panic when a K-mart employee asked me if I needed help. Soon all the employees were on walkie talkies and his name was famous on the loud speaker....they were about to lock down the store when miraculously...we found him.

In the tiny walk way between undies and socks, THERE HE LAY... he said, "Look Mommy I found a mirror!" It was the security globe of black that caught his amazement to the point of blocking out the voices callinag his name and the hustle of people looking for him.

Yes I wanted to kill him as much as I was glad to see him alive! He innocently was amazed that everyone was upset.

He said,, "I was right here Mommy Was you lost?"

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Anonymous said...

Priceless memory -even though it was a near heart attack.