Wednesday, November 21, 2012


                                                         HAPPY THANKSGIVING

 This Thanksgiving season I am recording each day something I am thankful for. This is something I should do all year1 it has been a wonderful time of reflection, and thought, as well as realization that the things to be thankful for are infinite.

Nov. 1, I am Thankful for my children

Nov. 2, I thank God for friends. Some friends are so close they know my thoughts. They are few...others are wonderful friends of many years whom I share stories, prayers and laughter. Some are new friends, I am getting to know, love and pray for-- I thank God for them all!

Nov. 3, I am thankful for the earth that God has provided for me to live on and enjoy. It’s beautiful seasons, and varied landscapes make each day something to enjoy.

Nov. 4, I am Thankful for my church, and church family, what a blessing in my life!

Nov. 5,  I am thankful for a God who provided a way for eternal life, so that whoever believes on Him can live forever with Him, and not fear death.

Nov.6  I am thankful for the Spirit of God who comforts, and strengthens in time of trouble, and who brings Peace in time of unrest, and who guides, when we don't know which way to go.

Nov. 7, I am thankful for El Shaddai, "the God Who is More Than Enough". in every situation He is more than enough to protect, care, deliver, comfort, provide, hide me, battle for me,, and sustain me. All I need do is trust

Nov. 8, I am thankful for my two brothers, Mike, and Eddy. Always close growing up, now we live with miles between but the hearts are always close.

Nov 9 I am thankful for a country that has been such a joy to live in. May I never take for granted the freedoms I have. May I always stand up strongly to defend them.

Nov. 10 I am thankful that I was raised by a Christian mother. A foundation was laid and has held strong through my life, :)

Nov 11, I am thankful, for the abilities and gifts that God has given me. I am able to do things that bring joy and comfort to others and fulfillment to myself.

N0v. 12 I am thankful for a grandmother and grandfather that taught me so many wonderful things. Grandmother taught me just by example: A simple house can be filled with warmth and comfort and welcoming to all that enter. Food prepared with love taste better, Always make a garden- there are hungry people out there--and the food taste better, Start the day early there's plenty to do, start the day
with Bible devotions and end it that way. grow plants and flowers, it will keep you in a good mood. Grandfather taught me to fish, to see wildlife (stop talking and get your mind off yourself) and to grow fishing worms, (he had the best), a sense of humor is necessary and always spend time outdoors, enjoy the world god gave us, play nice.... (they are in heaven now)

Nov. 13, I am thankful for the freedom to come and go as I like in my city, my state, and my country, And the freedom to share the gospel.

Nov. 14, i am thankful that my parents both were readers. Both read with drama and voices befitting the characters involved. Daddy often read various columns such as Andy Rooney, Erma Bombeck or Lewis Grizzard at the breakfast table aloud to us using such flair that soon i was reading them myself. Mother read to us often and I couldn't wait to learn to read myself. reading is a blessing that brings growth both spiritually and intellectually, as well as relaxation. be thankful for the seemingly little things, for without them, life would be dull.

Nov 15, I am thankful for the availability of the word of God, in any form. We can read it in any language, translation, or paraphrase. We can see pretty plaques and posters and decor with verses on them. we have jewelry, books, clothing and car tags with the word on them. we have tapes, cd s, DVDs with the word set to music with sound effects and voices.. the blessing of the Word of God is something to be Thankful for

Nov. 16, I am thankful for the privilege of prayer--no matter what the circumstance or condition, prayer is something I can do at any place or time. Laws forbidding prayer in certain places have nothing to do with whether I pray. Prayer is not a political stance, or a public display, it is a talk between God and me, and it is always refreshing, always comforting, and always strengthening.

Nov 17, I am thankful for music! In life we see music (hear) at its best, comforting hearts, soothing spirits, entertaining us, leading movements, joining events and even following events. In literature, we read of it being used in this same way. In film we watch as the drama is set with music, parades are marched to it, even news is punctuated by it. Music was created by God and He saw fit to share it with us and give us the creative minds to continue with it. His most important message was emphasized with music heralding the coming of Jesus. A great musical trumpet sound shall be heard when He comes again, what could we do without music?

Nov. 18 I am thankful that God made us in His image. People have long pondered that statement. To me it means that we have attributes such as His. We have creative ability in that we can think, have vision and ideas and bring them into being.Our ideas can be put in the form of music, art, crafts, inventions, food, architect medicine, and more. God has given us emotions such as His. Love, compassion, sorrow, and anger are releases for our soul ,also, when controlled, can be used for the benefit of others. Even anger can spur us to solve problems around us.

Nov. 19 I am thankful for the proclamation of Abraham Lincoln that began the annual observance of one day set aside to give Thanks to God for all our being. This given in time of the great civil war should remind us that even in the worst of times we have much to be thankful for.
Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation
The text of Abraham Lincoln's original Thanksgiving Day

Nov. 20. I am thankful for the birds! I once lived in a newly developed apartment complex, each day I awoke feeling like i was in a void, a vacuum and could not figure out why. Finally, it dawned! There were o birds! the construction and activity of clearing trees, building ,etc. had caused them to move away. with time, they slowly returned, and I was glad. Without the sound of mourning doves, and happily singing songbirds each morning life would begin rather dull.

Nov. 21, I am thankful for my big brother Mike Green today is his birthday and I am thinking of him. We had a lot of fun growing up, I still remember using daddy's siphon hose to drain mud puddle water from one hole in the dirt driveway to another, great fun! He always answered my questions, and helped me without making me feel too dumb, listened to my troubles (still does that) and encourages me. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow and I am thankful to have him. Happy birthday Mike!

 Nov. 22, On this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for God who created the universe and mankind to live here. I am thankful for my ancestors, my family and my friends. I am thankful for all I have, and the time that I have to live, may it be for His glory.

Nov.23, I am Thankful for friends that are true, and truthful.

Nov. 24, I am thankful for God's grace and presence in my life.

Nov.25, I am thankful  for the opportunities available for us if we have vision and motivation.

Nov. 26, I am thankful for HOPE...

Nov. 27,  I am Thankful for PEACE. The peace that God gives when one submits to him. It comes from trusting Him, and knowing that no matter what comes ones way, He is more than able and willing to handle it. It isn't something we can create inside us on our own, or cause to happen through medication or any other comes from submitting to is His gift...

Nov. 28, As I listen to the morning awake on this thanksgiving day, I am thankful that all 6 of my children will be here today--something that has not happened in several years due to work schedules. Others will join as well and the day will be a blessed one. Struggles still abound in my, as well as others', home but through all the storms and even shadows in our lives....may we never forget who is our Shelter and who is our Light, He is Lord...and WE ARE THANKFUL

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You are amazing, it was a really cool project to do this. I should have done it, maybe I would be more inspiring. Love you