Sunday, October 18, 2009


Have you ever been in a storm? I don't mean a "sit on the porch and watch the lightening" kind of storm; I mean a "run for shelter" kind of storm. A couple of years ago there was such a storm that came within a few miles of my home. I awakened in the wee hours of the morning to an uncanny stillness. It should have brought peace, since the hours before were filled with lightening, rain, thunder and wind. But the stillness,instead, brought fear and foreboding. I immediately began to dress and pack a bag with a few diapers and clothes as I woke the children and urged my family quickly to the car. As we raced to the nearby storm shelter, the sky was an frightening green. Later we discovered that the nearby town was destroyed and left relatives and friends with no homes or possessions. That Was a Storm!

Storms come in other forms such as physical illness and disabilities, financial disaster, emotional distress, or marital devastation. It is important to have a storm shelter for any such event. We have doctors, financial planners, psychiatrists, counselors and lawyers, but are they what is needed? They certainly perform their duties , but when the bottom falls out in any of the areas mentioned, are they the total solution? Not for me. Jesus is my rock and my fortress, He is my storm shelter and when all is lost He is there to pick up the pieces that the storm has left behind. He is the answer to my questions and the strong arm I lean on. When I am able to sit on the porch and watch the storm, I don't remember that He is there, I solve my problems and leave Him out, but when the storm is too hard and the wind blows me backward, suddenly I call and He is there because He was always there, the difference is, this time I let Him help me. He will help you too, if you let Him.

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danielle said...

nice-and the links work. Glad you started writing again.